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Collection: Journey Collection™ Gold & Platinum Rings- Time After Time

The genius of the Flagship Journey Ring is its ability to be transformed with any centre insert of your choice. Rubies, Sapphires, Tsavorites, birth stones, diamonds or rainbow inserts. There is endless possibilities. 


 Journey Ring with Rubies & Tsavorites  in 18k Yellow Gold and White Gold

Sovereign Stones introduces Journey Ring - Your Grace, that enables the choice between Tsavorite, Ruby or Sapphires or alternatively purchase all three inserts, Journey Ring - The Three Graces, providing the flexibility that accommodates the needs of a modern woman in today's changing world.

A loved one can easily gift an additional insert and so continue to mark your journey.

The Journey Ring is transformable and adaptable. Sovereign Stones Founder, Sian, demonstrates the functionality of the Journey Ring.


We hope you enjoy the Journey Ring - Your Grace and The Three Graces.

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