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The Chronicle

  • Home Sweet Home - COVID-19 & The City of Gems

    Vindya Perera, the Director of Beehive industries and daughter of her parent founders set about rebuilding a family business of 800 after the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2007. Now, the once largest Lapidary in South East Asia faces the challenge of COVID-19 as the luxury jewellery trade has all but ceased. While it’s on hold, people who relied on its continuity are unable to put food on the table. 

    Educated in Sydney, Australia, she has invested her entrepreneurship into rebuilding the family business as well as the community.

    Vindya could teach many a western entrepreneur a thing or two about corporate social responsibility; providing health care, rice paddies, building schools and providing teachers to orphanages are just a few of the works undertaken by Vindya and her team. 

    Like the GFC of 2007, the team wait in hope of a return in consumer confidence. The precious stones, diamonds and gold values remain unaffected, if not more precious in a world of share market volatility. 

    Much of our time in preparing Sovereign Stones for the launch has been identifying reputable, highly qualified and trustworthy partners. We are delighted that Vindya Perera is part of the Sovereign Stones family and we look forward to supporting her work at new venture Lustre, the community support in ‘The City of Gems’, Ratnapura who opened their doors and rolled out their Welcome Mat to our team at Sovereign Stones supported the creation of the Journey Collection.