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Journey Collection - The Three Graces

At the heart of Sovereign Stones, lies the Three Graces. The mythological embodiment of the ideal trinity of feminine grace. The three daughters of Zeus and Aphrodite, each of who personified an ethereal gift; Beauty, Charm and Creativity. The Three Graces is synonymous with transformation , symmetry and unparalleled beauty.

At the foundation of any woman’s Journey is the Three Graces which each and every woman possesses. Through time she builds upon the collection, celebrating and marking her own story. 

The splendour of sapphires, the mirth of Tsavorties or the seduction of rubies; each Grace is intertwined in her being and is accentuated at different moments in time. It is in this spirit, that the patron of music, poetry and dance gave life to the collection.

The Journey Collection - The Three Graces is an opportunity for a woman to celebrate and punctuate each aspect of her life. The collection allows the versatility of one piece accommodating all of the celebrations and attributes of the woman who wears it. It provides the opportunity for her to build upon her jewellery through time. 

Sovereign Stones is proud to celebrate - Your Grace.