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jewelry diamond ring platinum
jewelry diamond ring platinum
jewelry diamond ring platinum
jewelry diamond ring platinum
jewelry diamond ring platinum
jewelry diamond ring platinum
jewelry diamond ring platinum

Journey Ring - The Three Graces - Platinum with Sapphire, Ruby & Tsavorite Inserts

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This revolutionary piece has been designed to offer strength and style. An exquisite ring that embodies understated luxury and reflects the refined elegance of its wearer. Constructed in solid platinum, the shank is brought to life with two rows of the finest brilliant cut diamonds. This ingenious design allows for different feature inserts to be interchanged. The insert boasts hand selected calibrated set rubies, tsavorites and sapphires. Finally a luxury product with the innovation to equally combine form and function is no longer a fantasy.

With each piece individually engraved with the iconic Sovereign Stones symbol, signifying its authenticity.


Shank - 10 grams

3 x Inserts-3.5 grams each 


Diamonds - Brilliant Round Cut

Precious Stones - Princess Cut - 3mm x 3mm

Stone SettingCalibrated
Diamonds24 totaling approximately 0.25k, VS Clarity

Blue Sapphires - 7 totaling approximately  1.5k

Rubies - 7 totaling approximately 1.5k

Tsavorites - 7 totaling approximately 1.5k

*note that weights and sizes are approximate due to natural variations in stones.

**Tsavorites were selected rather than emeralds as our 'green' stone of preference. Our gemologists would argue that most emeralds are now generally cloudy and soft, compromising the piece.

Australia and EuropeUSA and CanadaInternal Diameter (mm) Internal Circumference (mm)
G 1/23 3/414.746.1
H 1/24 1/415.147.4
4 1/215.348.0
J4 3/415.548.7
J 1/2515.749.3
K5 1/415.949.9
K 1/25 1/216.150.6
L5 3/416.351.2
L 1/2616.551.8
M6 1/416.752.5
M 1/26 1/216.953.1
N6 3/417.153.1
N 1/2717.354.4
O7 1/417.555.0
O 1/27 1/217.755.7
P7 3/417.956.3
P 1/2818.156.9
Q8 1/418.357.6
Q 1/28 1/218.558.2
R8 3/418.758.9
R 1/2918.959.5
S9 1/419.260.1
S 1/29 1/219.460.8
T9 3/419.661.4
T 1/21019.862.1
U10 1/420.062.7
U 1/210 1/220.263.3
V10 3/420.464.0
V 1/21120.664.6
W11 1/420.865.2
W 1/211 1/221.065.9
X11 3/421.266.5
X 1/21221.467.2
Y12 1/421.667.8
Z12 1/221.868.4