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Sterling Silver Rainbow Sapphire Bangle
Sterling Silver Rainbow Sapphire Bangle Bracelet
gold rainbow sapphire bangle bracelet
gold rainbow sapphire bangle earrings

Rainbow Sapphire Bangle - Channel Set in Sterling Silver

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This decadent piece will bring any occasion to life with the full palette of the colour wheel adorning your wrist. Exquisite, hand selected coloured sapphires hailing from Ratnapura the 'Gem City' of Ceylon are channel set in your choice of 18K white, yellow, rose gold or Platinum. A solid bangle of 11.30 grams studded with 33 precious stones, engraved with the iconic Sovereign Stones symbol, signifying its authenticity. This piece can serve as a daily expression of style or be a treasure reserved for times of celebration.

Wrist Measurement 


Extra Small4.76-5.25 in.121-133 mm
Small5.26-5.75 in.134-146 mm
Medium5.76-6.25 in.146-159 mm
Large6.26-6.75 in.159-171 mm
Extra Large6.76-7.25 in.172-184 mm

How to Find Your Bangle Size


  1. Bring your thumb and little finger together in the palm of your hand 
  2. Measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point using a string or tape
  3. Compare your measurement with the Bangle Size Chart