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gold rainbow sapphire eternity ring
white gold rainbow sapphire eternity ring
rainbow sapphire gold eternity ring
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Rainbow Sapphire Ring- 'The Rainbow Collection - 9 Carat Gold

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  • Sapphire Eternity Ring- Kaleidoscope 'The Rainbow Collection™ - 18 Carat Gold
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Kaleidoscope Rainbow Sapphire Channel Set 18 Carat Gold Eternity Ring - Brilliant Cut


A stunning classic with a zest of colour, the Kaleidoscope 'Channel Set Eternity Ring' is a fanciful expression of the wearer. Hand selected coloured sapphires hail from the 'Gem City' of Ratnapura in Ceylon. These exquisite gems are masterfully cut to offer the greatest sparkle and clarity. This ring is channel set in 18K white, yellow or rose gold and includes brilliant (round) cut stones and is available in other cuts, according to your aesthetic and engraved with the iconic Sovereign Stones symbol, signifying its authenticity. Be eternally besotted by this colourful expression of style and love.

Each sapphire is hand selected by our gemologist and lapidary ,custom crafted by our artisans, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship, ethical procurement and standards of corporate conduct.

Argor-Heraeus gold is exclusively used in our pieces as our guarantee of quality and commitment to ensuring that each item can be traced to origin.


Australia and EuropeUSA and CanadaInternal Diameter (mm)Internal Circumference (mm)


G 1/2


3 3/4














H 1/2


4 1/4








4 1/2








4 3/4





J 1/2515.749.3
K5 1/415.949.9
K 1/25 1/216.150.6
L5 3/416.351.2
L 1/2616.551.8
M6 1/416.752.5
M 1/26 1/216.953.1
N6 3/417.153.1
N 1/2717.354.4
O7 1/417.555.0
O 1/27 1/217.755.7
P7 3/417.956.3
P 1/2818.156.9
Q8 1/418.357.6
Q 1/28 1/218.558.2
R8 3/418.758.9
R 1/2918.959.5
S9 1/419.260.1
S 1/29 1/219.460.8
T9 3/419.661.4
T 1/21019.862.1
U10 1/420.062.7
U 1/210 1/220.263.3
V10 3/420.464.0
V 1/21120.664.6
W11 1/420.865.2
W 1/211 1/221.065.9
X11 3/421.266.5
X 1/21221.467.2
Y12 1/421.667.8
Z12 1/221.868.4